Our Baby Bedtime Routine

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Every parent lives in hope for the moment their baby sleeps through the night. With Henry, sleep was a battle when he suffered with silent reflux, but once it was under control at 12 weeks, he was a dream baby and slept for a solid 12 hours. Then Everly came along, and we happily celebrated when she slept through the night at just 8 weeks old. Little did we know that her 8 hour spell was never to be repeated!

Although she still wakes a few times at night to nurse, I know that having a good bedtime routine makes a difference in how well she sleeps. We've had a simple routine in place for a couple of months now, so that Everly knows when bedtime is approaching. Here's how it goes... 

1) Bath Time - Everly adores her bath time, she always gets excited with anticipation when we approach the bathroom. I like to make sure it's warm in there before I undress her and give her a quick clean with Huggies Natural Care Wipes. I love these as they're made of 99% water, so they're gentle on her delicate skin, yet thick enough to clean any messes with their triple clean layers. Everly always calms and quietens when we place her in the water, so it's an ideal way to wind down in the evenings.  I always finish her bath by giving her a little baby massage to keep her dry skin hydrated. 

 2) Diaper & PJ's - We pop the nightlight on in Everly's nursery, then change her into a Huggies OverNites Diaper before placing her in her nightclothes. I've tried one too many diapers that have leaked during the night, which make the whole getting up in the night scenario all the more unpleasant, for both the parents and baby. So I like that the Huggies OverNites wick away layer and snug fit waistband provide maximum leakage protection for up to 12 hours (we live in hope!), so Everly's skin is kept dry and she can get a peaceful night’s sleep. The Disney designs are pretty cute, too!

 3) Reading - Then it's time for cuddles and a bedtime story. Henry has always loved books, so we wanted to introduce Everly to reading from an early age, too. Our favourites are Snuggle Bunny, When The World Was Waiting For You, and Pat the Bunny. She loves to try and turn the pages!

 4) Nursing - Time for Everly's last feed, with only the glow from her little toadstool night light illuminating us.

 5) Lights Out - If all has gone well, Everly nurses to sleep and I place her in her crib, but sometimes she requires a little rocking and shushing before she drifts off into a milky slumber.

Let me know how you get a full night's sleep with your little one!

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