Life With Two Children

Life with two children is busy. And exhausting. As a stay-at-home mama, my day is a balancing act between meeting the needs of three people. It is a never-ending cycle of nursing, diaper changes, toddler tantrums, meal preparation, rocking to sleep, playing, tidying up, washing clothes and folding laundry.

It's also laughter and silliness, cuddles and kisses, the joy of watching your children interact - sometimes with giggles, sometimes with tears.  It's finding fun in the mundane things, it's looking at the world through your child's eyes and finding joy in the simplest of things; the arrival of a parcel, a song that makes you get up and dance, watching a spider build a web.

It's an emotional rollercoaster. Some days are great, like when the stars align and Henry and Everly nap at the same time, and then other days are downright difficult, like when Henry is having constant tantrums and Everly is super fussy and WILL NOT SLEEP, and then she finally drifts off in my arms, and I'm just about to make the tentative transition to her crib, and of course that is the moment that Henry bursts into her nursery to tell me he can't find his blue tow truck. The days where there is literally NO break? Those are very tough.

When you have a toddler and a baby, it's all about making life that little bit easier. I love discovering baby gadgets that help make parenting quicker and more simplistic. So when I was putting Everly's nursery together, I was looking for items that were functional but also stylish. Thankfully Henry is now potty trained, so I only have Everly's diapers to deal with, but if you're a parent you'll know that a diaper pail is THE essential item in a nursery.

Munchkin's Step Diaper Pail is sleek in design and unobtrusive, which is ideal because although a diaper pail is a nursery necessity, it's not something you want to stand out. The white stainless steel fits in nicely with the look of Everlys nursery, but most importantly of all, it does its job well. The step pedal makes it simple to use, and it's effective at preventing odors from escaping with its lavender scented baking soda and self-sealing systems that works by twisting the bag shut as the lid closes. I also love that it features a childproof locking system, because I quickly discovered that Henry loves delving in there in his attempt at helping. And the elongated design means I don't have to bend over to make the drop, which as a tall mama is a small mercy. When you already have a bad back from nursing and baby wearing around the clock, every little helps! It's made diaper changes one less thing to worry about and it looks good paired with the rest of Everly's nursery furniture.

So yes, life with two is intense! Some days we don’t get out of our pajamas until after midday. Other days we're up and out of the house early for one of Henry's toddler classes. It's all part of the ups and downs of motherhood.

In collaboration with Munchkin

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