Five Months with Everly Rose

Was there ever a sweeter vision than the gentle curve of those soft cheeks, those long lashes that frame those deep blue eyes that have given me insight into myself, and those delicate rosebud lips that find me. Everly has been with us for five months in person, and with each day she shows us more of her soul. When she is herself, she is quiet and at ease. She gives smiles and giggles readily, brightening the day of all those who see her. She reaches for cuddles and loves being sung to, hearing the sweet lullabies of her newborn days. When Matt brings her to me, her face lights up, she kicks in delight and I feel so very blessed to be her mama.

My little girl buries herself in the curve of my neck, and I breathe in her sweet scent, the softness of her delicate wisps of hair tickling my nose. She is our real life doll, with her perfect little face that I am so in awe of. She's earned the nicknames Pudding, on account of her plump round cheeks, and Cricket, due to her love of rubbing her feet together.

Her innocence and newness fascinates me, the juxtaposition of her paired with her rambunctious, precocious and very gregarious big brother. I love to watch her watch the world, her eyes turning to things that capture her interest, her hands seeking to explore objects and items that interest her 5 month old mind. I am witnessing, again, the beginning of a person and a unique personality, and there is nothing else like it. I am watching her interests grow, and her inquisitive nature develop. I am witnessing first hand, minute by minute, the growing of her soul.

When she chooses to use her voice, she coos softly, a melody to our ears, as if she is singing. She finds joy in bouncing one leg and shaking her rattles. Shrieks of delight fill the room. She has whims and desires, as real as an old soul,  and I am captivated by it. This insatiable charm that holds such power over me, as I absorb every facial expression; the uneven curl of a smile, the jut of her bottom lip before the tears come, the raised eyebrows that divulge the unexpected joy of a fleeting moment.

She is the quiet warm edge of our family unit, sometimes overlooked but ever present. Henry reaches for kisses, stroking her hair that is forever wild, as if it's trying to drift up and away into the clouds. The two of them clasp hands and she gazes up at him. They laugh together and I am reminded that those infinite hard motherhood moments are worth even just a second of these blissful moments, when your babies are together, interacting and loving each other. 

She has always had a place in our hearts, and now she has a place at our table. How did that happen so soon? Her petite body on the peripheral of our family dining, her presence small but powerful. I cannot believe she has been with us for so long, yet so little. And here we are, on the perimeter of introducing her to a whole new world of taste and sensation, when all she has known is the sweet milk of her mother. I am excited in anticipation for the delights in store for her. We will explore and learn together. 

Everly. Our Everly Rose. My darling girl, how you have grown into your name as you have grown into my heart. It has settled with you along with those sweet rolls on your thighs, and now it fits you so perfectly. As if there was never any doubt. It was who you were meant to be. Before we even knew you. Before you were made. 

You are blossoming day by day and it is a joy to behold. Your touch is illuminating, it grounds me and reminds me why I am here. Being your mother. 

You are a gift and I have found you.

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