My True Love

I'm in love with a boy.

He has shown me a new way of viewing the world. For him, everything is an adventure, and he finds wonder in things I once found ordinary. We sit and gaze up at the trees that surround us, his fingers in my hair and the glow of the late afternoon sun warming our faces, and he tells me about all the things that intrigue him. His enthusiasm and zest for life bring me to life.

His hands cup my face, and he gazes at me deeply with eyes so blue they are like the ocean, infinite in their intensity, holding truths about the purest kind of love that exists. When he embraces me, the world stops for a moment, and we are frozen in time, a warm aura around us. He holds me, and I feel truly loved, more so than ever before. He tells me that I make him happy, and I can see it written all over his beautiful face.

He has opened my heart and shown me how to love in a way I had never experienced before - so powerful and unwavering.

A mother's love.

A love like no other.

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