Introducing a Bottle to a Breastfed Baby

Although I absolutely love breastfeeding Everly, sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, being the sole source of nourishment for your baby. So I was keen to introduce her to a bottle once she hit the 7 week mark, which would give me the freedom of being away from her for more than a few hours if needed. I was looking for a bottle which would allow me to feed her a little expressed milk each day without her getting confused or later rejecting the breast, and the Munchkin Latch line has allowed just that. I love their products - very innovative and specifically designed to meet the needs of a breastfeeding mama.

The Munchkin Latch bottle is designed to ease the transition from breast to bottle by mimicking the breast which avoids nipple confusion. The accordion shaped teat allows for movement without breaking the latch (Everly certainly likes to wriggle and look around during feeds!) and an anti-colic valve reduces the amount of air swallowed during feeding. Everly is notorious for gulping air when I nurse her, so it was a small blessing to have this in place to reduce the likelihood of any gas-induced grizzles.

Having a new baby whilst chasing around after a toddler means I need products that do their job without any fuss and make the whole process of raising two little ones that much easier. The specially designed Munchkin brushes, paired with the sterilizing bags and adjustable nursing pads make the whole process of pumping, cleaning and sterlizing that much quicker. I wash all my pumping gear and bottles by hand, so finding a specially designed bottle and pumping brush where teeny tiny brushes are conveniently stored inside the handle got me very excited - anything to make being a mama easier is a joy! I love that the large conical brush head and small mascara-style brushes mean I can thoroughly clean all the parts, which I was struggling to do with the generic bottle brushes on the market.

Let me know mamas, how did you introduce a bottle to your breastfed baby?

In collaboration with Munchkin


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