Everly's First Easter

I hope all my lovely readers had a wonderful Easter break, despite what I hear the weather was like back in the UK! Easter is a big holiday here in the US. The stores are filled with all the Easter paraphernalia you can think of - ready filled Easter baskets, an entire 30ft aisle filled with an assortment of egg shaped candy and chocolate, books, crafts, toys and religious items. Not to mention all the Easter egg hunts in different locations, photos with the Easter Bunny, an Easter parade and a Spring petting farm at the mall. 

Easter has always been a time when we visit family, so it was bittersweet this year, as it was our first with Everly with us, but also our second Easter away from our parents and my brothers, nieces and nephews. We couldn't help but feel homesick when we looked out of the window and saw cars lined up outside our neighbours homes.

Nevertheless, we had a lovely few days together as a family of four. This was the first Easter when Henry could actually participate in an egg hunt. I have such fond memories from when I was a little girl and my brothers and I would eagerly run out into the garden in search of treats from the Easter Bunny, so I was excited to start the tradition with Henry. Our backyard here in Virginia (the word 'garden' somehow doesn't fit anymore and feels too English!) is around 50 times the size of the one we left behind in our small Victorian terraced house, so I had a fantastic time finding lots of secret spots to hide the eggs!

We didn't want Henry to gorge on too much chocolate, so we opted for colourful plastic eggs which I filled with a variety of mini chocolate eggs and little toys. It was a delight to watch him search through the trees and leaves, exclaiming in excitement when he found an egg. Watching our little boy run around the large expanse of grass under the impossibly clear blue sky, with the sun warming our bare skin, just confirmed for us that we made the right decision in moving to America.

Easter was also special for us as Everly chose to celebrate by rolling from her back to front for the first time - whilst on a Skype call to Granny and Grandad no less! All in all, it was a really lovely weekend, filled with many special moments. I just love all the happy memories that are being made here.

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