Everly Rose at 3 Months

She is almost four months old, our Everly Rose. How swiftly time has taken our days, replacing those warm, sleepy newborn cuddles with an active yet placid baby girl, who is quickly learning how to clutch onto things that she desires. She gazes at me, her mother, with those big beautiful eyes that follow me as I move, her face lighting up as I approach her. I wonder what she sees when she looks at me. 

Her smile is crooked and her hair is longer, growing ever lighter. Our beautiful girl clasps her hands together and curls her tiny toes. She pulls off when she's nursing to give me smiles, those soul searching blue eyes looking up into mine. She has a dimple inside her right cheek that shows itself when the melody of laughter bubbles up out of her.

She is small and soft. She is serenely quiet, watching her family go about her, her tranquility only interspersed with a giggle when she is amused by something that her big brother has done. She is tranquil and calm. A sweet angel amongst the chaos that is family life. Our gentle rose. 

Weight & Height: Everly started out as a very chubby baby, being 8lbs 3oz at birth, but she's now at a very petite 10th percentile for weight. She is a slight little girl - long and lean, just like her mama!

Sizes of... Clothes: 3-6 months // Nappies: 1

Nursing: I'm still exclusively breastfeeding, and nursing Everly every 3-4 hours in the day, and pretty much whenever she wakes during the night. I'm conscious that she is on the smaller side, so I don't want to stick to any schedules or prolong the length between feeds if she wants her milk earlier.

Health: Our little darling is still suffering with reflux. We're now on the third medication, forever in search of something that will ease her discomfort and take her back to being that content little baby she once was. It pains me to see her in distress. What once were beautiful breastfeeding moments have now become desperate cries of sorrow, and I wish I could help her, but there's nothing I can do. We can only hope the medication takes effect soon or she outgrows it.

Sleep: Sleep has become a battle. Whereas once we were enjoying 5-8 hour stretches at night, Everly now wakes every 2-3 hours, the discomfort of her reflux startling her from her slumber. It has been exhausting for us all, and I feel more tired now that I did in those early newborn days. Nap times are even more difficult and hard to come by. Lengthy rocking, shushing, and nursing are all required to lull her to sleep, all the while she is screaming like a cat, and a mere 40 minutes later after she has finally drifted off, she will start crying again. I wish sleep didn't have to be this difficult for her. 

Likes: Being lifted high up as I sing to her. Kisses on her neck and ribs. Tummy time is a favourite as she can watch the world (of Henry) go by. 'This Little Piggy' on those tickly little toes of hers. Watching Henry play and having him interact with her. He always gets the most giggles out of her.

Dislikes: Oh, how our baby girl despises her car seat. She screams and screams, her delicate body racked with sobs, tiny tears rolling down those sweet cheeks of hers, and nothing will comfort her. I frantically hold her hands, stroke her hair, sing to her, pop her paci in, until the tears are streaming down my face too, seeing my darling baby so upset. I don't dare drive her anywhere on my own, it is too traumatic, and even when Matt and I are together we try and only take her in the car when we absolutely have to.

Development: Everly is growing more vocal by the day, practicing using that dear voice of hers by cooing and shrieking with delight. She has found her hands and discovered all that they can do, by reaching and grabbing for toys and bringing them to her mouth. I think we're seeing the start of teething, as she's constantly chewing on her little fists and has had some fretful days. 

Whereas a month or so ago she liked to be held constantly, Everly's now more content to do tummy time on her playmat or sit in her bouncer. I think it must be due to her eyesight developing - she can see I'm still nearby and doesn't panic! Vision Direct has just launched a great interactive tool for seeing the world through your baby's eyes and taking a look at how your their eyesight changes during their first year. I find it fascinating to see how little babies can actually see when they are very new, and it makes even more sense that they need that close contact in the early months to feel reassured and safe.

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