What I'm Reading: Books to Inspire

Around this time last year, I talked about three books that have inspired me and helped me to lead a more fulfilling life. Today's post is a continuation of that, with another collection of books that have enhanced my outlook on life and led to some positive changes. 

Simplicity Parenting
Much like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, Simplicity Parenting focuses on stripping away unnecessary distractions and reclaiming space and freedom, thereby allowing children's attention to deepen and individuality to flourish. It explores ways to streamline your home environment, reduce the amount of toys, books and clutter that have accumulated, and ridding the home of sensory overload. I love that way it talks about the importance of establishing rhythms and rituals, which give a child a sense of security and reassurance, and how it reveals the enormous benefits of leading a more calm and connected life with, and for, your children.

The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet
As I mentioned in my New Year's post, I'm embarking on a healthier lifestyle, and changing my diet is a huge part of that. For too long now, I have been guilty of consuming junk food, and my body is finally revealing the consequences of my indulgence. This book covers the fundamentals of clean eating in manageable bullet points and paragraphs. The simple format allows me to dip into it quickly and efficiently whenever I have a moment, and simply skim reading it in my spare time has allowed me to learn a lot and feel inspired to change my eating habits. What I especially appreciated in this book was a 14 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all included) with the addition of a shopping list, broken down into categories and listing specific amounts needed to follow the plan. This is a huge time saver and makes the whole process of switching to healthier diet much easier. There are over 100 healthy whole food recipes listed, and much to my surprise, I didn't balk at the the mere thought of them, and I'm excited to put into practice what I've read. 

This is a book that truly has the power to drastically change a person's life. Following one man's journey as he quits his high paid job, steps away from the 9-5 working life we've all been conditioned to participate in, and embarks on a new and fulfilling life with his wife and children. The basic premise behind his story is that nobody should waste the best years of their life on a job, only to wake up at 65 years old and realise they've wasted their life. It's a book I will talk about in more depth in another post, as it's something that has really resonated with our family and we're hoping to put some of the theory into practice. A truly inspiring book that opens your eyes to a whole other world of possibility.

What are you currently reading? Let me know your recommendations!

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