Life With Everly Rose - 2 Months Old

I wish time would slow down a little. I cannot believe our little girl who I swear was only just born is now almost three months old. I've already had to pack away a whole bundle of clothing that she'd outgrown which was an emotional ordeal, and she's racing through so many milestones. Everly is such a content, happy little thing. She rarely cries, and gives constant smiles. I adore her sweet little face - her tiny upturned nose, those little pink rosebud lips, and her big blue almond shaped eyes. And I just love nuzzling into her soft fluffy hair, she is too cute!

Weight & Height: 10lbs (25%) and 22.5 inches (90%)

Sizes of…. Clothes: 0-3 Months // Nappies: 1

Health: We had a horrible scare last week. After mentioning in passing to our pediatrician that Everly's legs often went rigid, suddenly everything got very serious and next thing we knew she was having blood taken, being referred to the ER and then admitted overnight for more blood tests, an EEG and a barium swallow test. Long story short - she is fine and it is most likely Sandifer Syndrome, which is a symptom of her reflux, but it is harmless and it's something she'll soon outgrow. It was beyond upsetting to see our little girl having needles poked into her (it is ridiculously difficult to take blood from such tiny veins so there were many tried and failed attempts) and electrodes stuck to her head whilst hearing her screams, and I too had one or two sobbing sessions from the stress of it all. I hope to never see her in hospital again.

We discovered at Everly's 2 month checkup that she'd dropped from the 50th to 25th centile for weight, so we're keeping an eye on it. I suspect tongue tie might be an issue which would affect my supply and how well she can take milk from me, so we'll be seeing a lactation consultant this week to talk things over. I'm hoping I won't have to supplement or switch to formula, but it might have to be done to get her gaining at a good pace. I need to put some chub back on this bub!

Sleep: We were treated to two nights where she slept through the night (9pm-5am) but since then, she's gone back to waking around twice each night. A natural routine of sorts has developed for her daytime naps. I nurse her, she has an hour of awake time (including the feed) and then it's time for a snooze. She still mostly takes naps in the Solly Baby Wrap, but I'm working on getting her to sleep in her crib in the daytime. It's just so much quicker and easier to pop her in the wrap and walk about for a few minutes instead of half an hour of rocking, shushing and patting, followed by the tentative transition from arms to crib, and the tiptoe to the door, all the while praying she doesn't wake up so you don't have to start the process all over again!

Milestones: Everly treats us to plenty of smiles and giggles, and she's doing well with tummy time, doing mini push-ups and peering around the room. She has also mastered the front-to-back roll,  and can roll onto her side from her back.

Likes: Everly loves, loves, LOVES when I sing to her. She beams up at me, her little nose wrinkling in delight and her eyes twinkling with joy. Her favourite song is, 'Que Sera Sera,' which is the same song my mum used to sing to me when I was little. She loves watching Henry play (and he equally loves showing her his toys and demonstrating how they work!) and she enjoys being held upright and walked around the house so she can look at her surroundings. Bath time is always a favourite, too.

Dislikes: Everly absolutely hates her carseat. For a baby who is otherwise very calm and content, she saves a special kind of scream for the carseat. Needless to say, we all dread car journey's and have to steel ourselves for an unpleasant ride.

Favourite Memory This Month: Everly was lying on her playmat, Henry was beside me, and I was singing sweet nothings to them both whilst strumming on my ukulele, with Everly gazing up at me and giving me the biggest smiles and shrieks of joy.


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