Becoming A Big Brother

A sudden cry fills the previously peaceful space, and seconds later, the fast thunder of tiny feet running. Henry, racing to comfort his baby sister, his desire to reach her so great he doesn't even question dropping his treasured collection of cars in favour of rushing to her rescue.

"It's alright Evvy, don't cry little one," his soft little voice says, and I look over from where I'm stood in the kitchen to see a chubby hand reach out to stroke her soft dark hair, his head tilted with concern, and a smile passes across my lips to see my little boy being so tender towards his baby sister.

Henry delights in being a big brother. He has always been a very loving and affectionate child, but from reading others experiences, I had prepared myself for some tantrums and perhaps a little jealousy when we brought Everly home, particularly as Henry and I have always been exceptionally close. For twenty-five months he and I had enjoyed being together all day, every day, and I wondered if our new baby girl would feel like an intrusion for him - an interruption of our previously exclusive relationship.

As a believer in the principles of attachment parenting, Everly and I have physical contact for most part of the day, either through breastfeeding or wearing her in my wrap, so I thought Henry may feel a little pushed out when his mama suddenly brought home a new baby who never left my side. But from the moment she arrived, Henry has adored Everly. His face lit up when he laid his eyes upon her for the first time, a smile brightening his face as he leaned in close to greet this little creature who he'd been waiting to meet for so long, and an exclamation of, "Aww, tiny baby so cute!"

Throughout the day he asks me to, "talk to Evvy, mummy," and we both sit beside her and hold her miniature hands and chat to her about what we've been doing, watching her sweet baby face give dimpled smiles in response. He asks me to sing to her, to read to her, and I happily oblige, passing the hours with fantastical tales and melodic rhymes, these two dear children of mine my captive audience with their big eyes which follow my every move.

He brings his toys over to "show Evvy," and tells her how they'll play together when she's older. He offers her his most beloved possession, his raggedy bunny Minna - an honour bestowed upon only a precious few. He is forever giving her cuddles and sniffing her hair ("mmm, smells of flowers!") and my most treasured moment between them - a stroke of her face and a gentle kiss as he then looked into her eyes and said, "Aww, my little darling."

Watching your children together, it creates a whole new feeling of wonderment. No words can describe what my heart feels - it is a love like no other. I will cherish watching their relationship develop, their bond growing as they do. It is such a gift to have a sibling to share your childhood with. A whole collection of moments and memories awaits them, and I feel so blessed to be able to witness it.

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