A Magical Christmas

Just two nights until Christmas! December seems to have flown by and now the most magical day of the year is almost upon us. It's always been my favourite part of the year. My birthday on the 3rd December always signals the start of festivities as it's become a tradition to put up the tree in the evening. Each year, Matt and I open a bottle of champagne, press play on our Christmas album and transform our home into a festive wonderland. This year was a little different - our home in the USA is a lot more spacious than the one we left behind in the UK, which has allowed more scope for decorations, much to our enjoyment. I skipped the champagne this year as I'm breastfeeding, and between hanging ornaments and arranging wreaths, we were tending to Everly, who was just a few weeks old. There was something particularly special about decorating for Christmas this year - our first one spent in the USA, and of course it will be Everly's very first Christmas.

Over the 8 years Matt and I have been together, we've developed a number of our own Christmas traditions, adding more since our children were born. Each year we buy a new Lemax collectible, so by the time they're older we should have a nice little village set up! We adorn the tree with a personalised ornament for each child, and this year, we added something special to our Christmas collection which Matt and I have both always wanted - a train track around the bottom of the Christmas tree. There's now a Polar Express in miniature that encircles our tree - complete with sound effects and figurines of the characters. Henry absolutely adores it and shrieks with delight when we turn it on!

I'm especially looking forward to Christmas this year as Henry is now at an age where he gets excited about presents. He's been such a good boy about not touching the gifts under the tree, and I can't wait to see him rip open the wrapping paper come Christmas morning after being so patient. I also love watching his awe as he gasps in wonder at the Christmas decorations outside our house and in the neighborhood. A twinkling reindeer and a sleigh, giant snowmen and glowing candy canes - it is a sight to behold!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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