Henry at 21 Months

Character: Henry is a loving and kind hearted little boy. He loves cuddles and is very caring with both toys and other children. He's such a well behaved child at playgroup, waiting patiently for his turn and sharing with others. He loves to immerse himself in play and gets lost in a world of imagination with his cars and trains. He truly is a delight to be around and brings us so much joy each day.

Health: Thankfully, besides the silent reflux and milk allergy he had as a tiny baby, Henry has been very healthy since. He's only had two colds in the last 21 months, and has coped well with teething. With his second birthday approaching, it means vaccination time, which I'm a little nervous about, as he's so much more aware of his surroundings since the last time someone stuck a needle in him!

Food: Henry's going through a bit of a fussy food stage. When he was little, he ate everything and was open to trying new things, but now he's a lot more selective in what he will and won't eat. It's frustrating when you spend time making something and then he won't eat it, so for now we're just sticking to the things we know he likes and hoping it's just a phase!

Sleep: Still a solid 12 hours sleep each night, with an afternoon nap at 1.30pm which can last anything from an hour to 2.5 hours.

Weight/Size: We've not had Henry 'officially' weighed for a long time, but our scales tell us he's around 28lbs. People often comment on how tall he is, yet he still fits into a lot of 12-18 month clothing, which is a little confusing. I'm unsure of his size when it comes to trousers as it's too hot to wear anything but shorts here!

Likes: Any vehicle with wheels, playing in his teepee, Play-Doh, Melissa & Doug sticker books, running, taking a piggy back ride on daddy and pretending he's a horse, being outside.

Milestones: The biggest milestone that's happened over the last few months is that Henry has started to use more two and three word combinations. He's started to make us laugh with little things he says, and it's a joy to witness his language development. It seems like just yesterday he was a sweet newborn sleeping in our arms and now he is starting to put words together to talk about his world, it truly is incredible. His latest 'sentences,' are "sit with me," "dada, read book" and "me stairs up." He also likes to say "night night, mama," when we put him to bed. He loves to sing the chorus of Old McDonald, with a loud and enthusiastic 'EIEIO,' which is just too cute!

Henry can now identify and name a rectangle, star, heart, circle and oval. He likes to find shapes around the house, pointing out that there are hearts on our bedspread and that the Pop Tart I was eating was a rectangle shape! He's coming along well with learning colors, and can correctly identify and name red, blue, white, grey, purple, brown and yellow. He loves to bring me his toys and tell me their colour. He's started to understand opposites, knowing the difference between big and small, and up and down.

Henry is growing in his independence daily, which I especially notice at the playrgroup we attend a few times each week. He'll try things on his own and doesn't always want my help doing things which he finds difficult. He loves other children and is now confident enough to run up to them, wave and say 'hi.'

The little things we love:
- How when we tell Henry his dinner is ready, he throws his arms up in the air, shouts 'yay!" and runs to his highchair.
- His attempts to jump, which always turn out as a quick lift to tiptoes with his arms in the air.
- How he strokes his dressing gown and says, 'ooh, nice.'
- His enthusiastic reactions. Bring him some apple and you'll be greeted with, 'Oh WOW. Apple.'
- The way he takes us to the pantry and when we ask what he would like, he puts his finger to his chin and goes, 'ummm,' while he thinks about it!

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