Henry at 19 Months

Henry has developed so much since we arrived in the US. He is learning so many new things each day that it's hard to keep up, and his baby days are now long behind him. He is such a loving and patient child - so gentle and caring of those around him, and his bubbling enthusiasm and joy for life is infectious. He is just such a happy little boy, and we feel so blessed to have such a sweet child in our lives.

Henry's most beloved possession in the whole world is his Jellycat bunny rabbit, who he's named Minna. It used to be a bedtime thing, but we gradually saw more and more of Minna until we realised that anywhere Henry goes, so does bunny! He's grown so attached to him and it's adorable to see how much he loves him. Henry absolutely adores trains, cars and tractors, and spends a large part of his days driving them about the house with appropriate 'toot toot,' and 'beep beep' sounds. He loves to sit down with his cuddly toys and host a picnic, and he's always giving them kisses with a big 'mwah!' Henry loves to draw and he always looks forward to our weekly art class where we paint together and create pictures. He likes to run about outdoors, kick a football and splash around in his water table. And he loves to be chased and tickled by daddy. A new fascination with babies has developed, and Henry's face always lights up when he sees one, and I know he would delight in having a little brother or sister to love and care for.

Being put in his car seat, having his hair washed, and being told no.

We've pushed Henry's bedtime back a little and he now generally sleeps from 7.30-7.30 with a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon.

Henry's favourite foods are baked potato with tuna, fish pie, meatballs, peas, broccoli and pretty much all fruit. He doesn't like grated cheese and tends to dislike a lot of cold savoury foods, like sandwiches, which means lots of cooking for me! 

Henry's speech has been the most noticeable development, with new words being learnt every day, so much so that I've lost count of how big his vocabulary is now. He's started to say short sentences, for example, we'll ask him if he wants something and he responds with an enthusiastic - "Yeah, I do, I do! Pleeeease." He says, "night night," when we put him to bed, "bless," when someone sneezes, and he always says 'please' and 'thanks' without being prompted. He can now identify around 25 animals and can either say their name or the noise they make, and he's started to identify different shapes and colours too. He loves to help me around the house - watering the plants, loading the washing machine, putting things away from the dishwasher and he even attempts to help Matt with DIY! The difference in his development over the last three months is incredible and he can communicate so well now.

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