Growing Our Family

I've already announced my pregnancy on Instagram a few weeks ago (thank you for all the kind words and lovely comments), but I thought I'd make it official on my blog too. I am blessed to be 19 weeks pregnant with our fourth child - my third pregnancy and what we hope will be our second living child, due to join us in November. We found out about our tiny blessing the day before Mother's Day, just three days before we moved to the USA, amongst a whirlwind of emotions centred around new life and new beginnings. 

Pregnancy after loss will always be difficult. Deciding to start that journey again is a big decision - we knew it would involve a lot of anxiety, and stir up a fresh round of grief. It's taking the risk of the worst happening again, allowing the possibility of the indescribable pain we have experienced to reach us again. But as we discovered with Henry, it is a risk worth taking. We know there are no guarantees, and it will always be 'if' we take a baby home, and not 'when' for us. So we focus on the simplicity of this…

I am pregnant with our fourth child. A beautiful gift, a tiny life I am humbled to be carrying, who we already love so much. The delicate kicks and turns so precious and miraculous, so profound. I hope that we get to watch this baby grow as we have done with Henry, and I hope that we are blessed with many years of knowing and loving him or her.


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