10 Differences Between the UK and USA

We've been living in the USA for around 3 weeks now and it hasn't take long to start noticing how things differ between the two countries. Here are 10 differences between the UK and USA…

1. The bread is sweet. Even the seemingly innocent wholemeal organic kind that promises seeds and multi-grains still manages to sneak in some high fructose corn syrup or brown sugar amongst the ingredients. The only non-sweet bread we've managed to find so far is from Whole Foods and costs $5 a loaf.

2. Americans don't drink squash and therefore don't sell it - which left us wondering what our new beverage would be as squash was pretty much the only thing we used to drink, seeing as we're not tea or coffee fans. We've had to settle for 'water enhancers,' which are also fairly difficult to come by.

3. The bacon here is the thin, crispy and streaky kind. I'm craving the thick, meaty cuts we're used to in the UK.

4. Commercials are frequent and… unusual. Medications are often advertised - along with a long list of alarming side effects. I'm not sure how successfully you can sell a product when suicidal thoughts are mentioned alongside it.

5. It is spacious. No crowded housing, busy high streets or sparse parking. It does mean you need to drive everywhere, but we're living in a neighbourhood where everything is within a short distance - malls and retail parks as well as beautiful parks and nature reserves. 

6. Petrol is ridiculously cheap. $30 for a full tank of petrol cheap.

7. The people are friendly. Strangers stop to chat, numbers are freely given out and most people we've encountered have been so happy and enthusiastic.

8. Portion sizes in restaurants are huge. Starters can resemble main courses and when we ordered Henry a 'child size pizza,' it was the size of a regular pizza back in the UK. For this reason, it's the norm to box up and take leftovers home with you - because you can almost be certain you won't be able to finish it all.

9. There is an amazing amount of choice available. Whether it's food and drink, toys or craft items, there will be hundreds of items to choose from - which can be quite overwhelming for an indecisive person like myself!

10. The weather has been incredible since we arrived. Most of our days here have been sunny with clear blue skies and temperatures in the low to mid twenties. This has opened up a whole new world of possibility when it comes to wardrobe options and outdoor activities.

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