Flying With A Toddler: What To Pack

In a few days time, we'll be making the 8 hour journey from the UK to the USA. Flying with a toddler is a little bit daunting, so I've been doing a spot of research around the best things to take along to keep little ones occupied. The general consensus seemed to be a variety of small, new toys. We did consider taking along a Trunki to pack all of Henry's things, but in the end we decided against it, as it would just mean another thing to carry. Instead, we opted to place Henry's items in his Skip Hop Zoo Lion Backpack, which can be slung on the stroller or worn by Henry himself.

Over the last few months I've been collecting cheap, compact and engaging toys. All of these items cost less than a couple of pounds and I know Henry will love playing with them. The rule of thumb seems to be one new toy each hour, but we'll see how it goes!

Magnetic Drawing Board - Wooden Frog Castanet - Wooden Sand Egg - Wooden Threading Apple - Animal Finger Puppets 

We'll also have the in-flight entertainment if all else fails, and we've downloaded a few apps onto our tablet in case we need them - plus Henry can wear his new Batman Headphones!

Henry adores snuggling his cuddly bunny and elephant, and always falls asleep holding onto them. Fingers crosses they'll work their magic on the plane and he'll take a nap at some point during the journey!

Henry loves a good snack, and it's a good distraction if I sense a melt down on the horizon. Dried fruit is ideal for travelling, as well as the fruity Ella's Kitchen pouches. We're also taking along a sippy cup to keep Henry hydrated, and a bottle to help settle his ears during take off and landing.

All the usual items that frequent the changing bag - nappies, wipes, antibacterial gel, and a change of clothes. I've also packed Calpol Sachets and Brush-Baby Dental Wipes so we don't have the added hassle of using a toothbrush.

Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments if you have any advice!


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