Our Last Week In England

Our last week in England…

It feels surreal to even write those words, the chasm between concept and reality still an endless distance apart. It has been a week of heightened emotions, exhaustion, love and tears. We've said a lot of goodbyes and each one has been painful. To our home, where we have created so many memories. To William and Noah's grave, a place we have grown to love, although we know they will always be in our hearts and that is their true home. To Nottingham, where we have spent the last four years - a place that has captivated us, and the city where all of our sons were born.

To my three brothers - my protectors and friends - with whom I share an unparalleled bond, fostered through fantastical play, magical adventures and shared memories. To my sisters-in-law, and our nieces and nephews - who have added so much joy and laughter to the hustle and bustle of our spirited family.

And lastly, we said goodbye to my parents. Whose enthusiasm, passion and love has always been a comfort, whose arms have always felt like home, and whose encouragement has allowed me to be my true self and prompted me to follow my dreams.

Each goodbye has lead to a hesitation of the heart, a slight stall in the plans that we are being swept along in. It is difficult to say goodbye to the people and places you love, the only life you have ever known, yet we know this is an opportunity that will enrich our lives and open up a whole new world of possibility. It is with excitement and trepidation that we spend our last night in England, awaiting our new beginning. The end of an era, but the chance for a fresh start...


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