Life Lately - Preparing For The Big Move

It only seems like yesterday that I was announcing our move to America, and now here we are only two weeks away from actually going through with it. The past few months have been a whirlwind of paperwork and planning, list-making and decision-making. Last month, Matt and I headed to Richmond in Virginia to view some properties and get to know the area a little better. It passed in a blur - a hectic tour in a jet-lagged haze - but is was enjoyable. We'll be living in an apartment for the first few months, then moving into a house once our furniture has arrived - and that is where the fun will begin!

Back here in the UK, our house is now on the market, we're due to sell our car, and the contents of our entire house is going to be packed up next week and shipped to the USA. It's all got very real, very fast. I can feel the pull of nostalgia already, as I walk a route with Henry that I've walked a thousand times, first with him as a tiny newborn and now as a chatty little boy, which I will soon never walk again. I look around our home, and think back to four years ago when Matt and I bought it, fresh faced and blissfully happy, wondering what adventures awaited us. 

It holds happy memories as well as painful ones. It was here we planned our wedding, where I slipped into my wedding dress on our special day, where Matt and I stood side by side as I held a pregnancy test in my shaking hands and read the beautiful word 'pregnant' on our fifth anniversary. Where planning a nursery so cruelly twisted into planning a funeral for our sons, where I sobbed until I couldn't breathe and wondered if you could die of a broken heart. Where we lost relationships, but strengthened our own, and where we welcomed Henry into the world - our third son, yet our first to come home with us. I'm sure I will miss this house, it some kind of bittersweet way.

Amongst all the planning, the preparation, the nostalgia, I've noticed that we've been so busy and so focused on getting everything ready in time for the move, that we've not yet had a moment spare to feel excited. But writing this now, I can picture our new life. Once the jet lag has subsided and the mundane jobs completed, I can see it, my husband by my side, one son in my arms and two in my heart, as we discover new places, make new friends, and create new memories.

Perhaps once we're on the plane, with a one-way ticket to our new life, Matt and I will take hold of each other's hands and just breathe. We'll take a second to reflect on everything that has happened to bring us to this point, to this moment in time where our hopes and dreams are on the horizon, waiting to be brought to reality.


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