Henry's Grey & Yellow Nursery Tour

I've been meaning to feature Henry's nursery tour on my blog for a while now, but somehow I never got round to taking the photos for it. Then suddenly I found myself having a slight panic at 4pm the afternoon before the removal men were due to pack up the contents of our house. I picked up my camera and started snapping - I wanted to capture Henry's very first room before it became just a memory.

It's always been a tranquil room for me. When I was still pregnant, I loved to go and sit in the rocking chair, hold my blossoming bump and visualise myself with my newborn baby. It was a big step for Matt and I to transform it from a spare room into a nursery, when losing the boys was still so fresh and raw. We waited until I was almost 8 months pregnant before we started, before that stage it seemed too much like tempting fate. We never got to create a nursery for William and Noah, so to design a room for our rainbow baby was a process we truly cherished.

It's changed quite a bit since Henry was a baby - we've taken out the changing table, the mountain of muslin cloths have been replaced with well loved toys and books, and the baby blue hues that once dominated have now transitioned into a cheerier yellow. It's a small room - and although we did have the option of placing Henry in a larger loft bedroom, we wanted him on the same floor as us, and I knew the more compact space could become a cosy haven. I wanted the nursery to look light and bright, which can be difficult with a smaller room, but with the walls painted a light grey, and the addition of yellow and mint accents and pastel accessories, the whole room lifted with light.

I have so many cherished memories that have taken place in Henry's nursery, and it's the one room in the house that I felt emotional seeing stark and empty. It's a room I'll dearly miss - the place where he and I got to know each other, through sleepy cuddles and lullabies, laughter and silly songs. I'll always remember the early newborn days with Matt, clumsily learning how to handle our precious baby boy and our first laughable attempts at changing a nappy. We were bleary-eyed and exhausted, but so very happy.


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