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Lately, I've noticed a change in the books I've been selecting. Rather than wanting to lose myself in a work of fiction, I find myself searching for books that do the opposite. I want books that trigger an awareness of my own thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. I want something that helps me discover my true self, a book which guides me into leading a more simplistic life, a more mindful life. The three books below have done exactly that...

What I Know for Sure

This is a beautiful little book of wisdom, holding an abundance of inspiration and revelation, written by Oprah Winfrey. In it, she shares her insights by theme: Joy, Resilience, Connection, Gratitude, Possibility, Awe, Clarity, and Power. Each topic offers an intimate glimpse into her heart and mind, whilst giving readers a guide to becoming their best selves.

This is a book I love to keep close by, to dip into when I need some positive affirmations. It is enlightening and uplifting, allowing you to contemplate the nature of our souls and where we are going spiritually. I think anyone would benefit from perusing the pockets of sagacity held inside the pages - it is an empowering read and prompts you to take stock of your life and consider what is truly important.

This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart

This book was recommended to me shortly after William and Noah died, and I'm so thankful I finally found the time to begin reading it. It explores one woman’s personal journey through bereavement and rediscovery of self, but it is also offered as a handbook for those making their way along the same path, traveling through the territory of loss.

Although it explores grief, it is not exclusive to it, so whether or not you have lost a loved one, it has so much to offer - a guidebook of sorts, showing us how to unravel the layers of our lives and explore what we find in order to better understand ourselves, our relationships, and our path. Each chapter culminates in a small creative exercise for you to reflect upon and apply to your own life. It’s all about finding yourself, reconnecting with your creative side, and learning to appreciate yourself.

It's written with tenderness, interspersed with poignant Polaroid images, and really is a delight to read. It is a reminder that we are not alone, that living mindfully is a process, and that the beauty we seek is often right in front of our eyes. There is so much I can relate to within these pages, and so much I've yet to discover and want to explore. It truly is a beautiful book.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying 

De-cluttering the house had been on our to-do list for some time, a long overdue task, but once our move to America was confirmed, we actually had to tackle it. Over time, we'd noticed that the clutter was impacting our mood, our frame of mind. We had too much of everything, and far too much for the size of our house. It is easy to get in a habit of buying and collecting, without much thought or passion behind the process.

This book takes the colossal task of tidying an entire house and makes it a simple and concise exercise. Using the KonMari Method, the author guides you through organising your rooms, step by step. It was something I'd been dreading, but after reading this book I was inspired and excited about starting afresh. The key premise to this method is to tackle your home in the correct order, keeping only what you truly love and doing it all at once, which ensures successful tidying and a lifelong change in perspective.

This method not only transformed our space, it altered our mindset too. After reading this book, we got rid of 60% of the stuff we'd accumulated. It felt liberating to discard clothes which had been hanging in the wardrobe, untouched, for years. We donated dozens of bags filled with clothes, shoes, books, household items and knick knacks to charity. Unsurprisingly, we don't miss any of it. Now our home is streamlined, our wardrobes filled with clothes we love, our home accessories carefully curated to bring us joy. I feel so much lighter, more free, since the change.

  What are you currently reading? Let me know if you have any recommendations!

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