Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Nestled deep in the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside lies Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, a picturesque ivy covered house set amongst 17 acres of gloriously green grounds. A tranquil setting for an idyllic hotel, for those who are in search of a peaceful haven to relax and unwind. Matt, Henry and I arrived mid afternoon, greeted by rolling hills bathed in sunshine and breathtaking views, completely surrounded by pure English countryside. After being cooped up for a good few hours, Henry was keen to stretch his legs. He delighted in running around the grounds and exploring, where we discovered ponds, fountains, and courtyards.

After taking a look around, we retreated indoors to warm ourselves by the fire in the drawing room and enjoy some afternoon tea. A platter of delectable treats awaited us, alongside a pot of tea and a selection of finger sandwiches, which we eagerly devoured after our long journey.

Then it was time to settle into our suite - an open plan design that featured a homely lounge area with a beautiful view, two large bedrooms and a luxurious bathroom. Located in a renovated outbuilding, overlooking the courtyard, we felt a world away from all stresses and worries. It was the ultimate setting for a relaxing stay.

A relaxing bubble bath later, we made our way through the courtyard to the restaurant, where we dined overlooking the illuminated patio. Matt and I enjoyed fish for starters and beef for our mains, both very well presented and and a delight to the palate, whilst Henry feasted on chicken goujons (unfortunately we were informed the cod which we had ordered for him wasn't available.) After filling ourselves on delicious savoury courses, we sadly we had to forgo desert as it was past Henry's bedtime and we could see he wasn't feeling well. 

After retiring to our suite and tucking Henry into bed, Matt and I indulged in a little TV (our planned 'Sons of Anrachy' Netflix session couldn't go ahead as there was no wifi connection), then decided to snuggle up in the king size bed and enjoy a glorious ten hour sleep, (indeed, this meant a bedtime of 9pm, oh how times have changed!) 

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Upon switching off our lamps, we noticed a green emergency exit light, located directly opposite the bed, which illuminated the entire bedroom. As a person who sleeps best in ultimate darkness, I knew it would take me a while to drift off with this intrusive beam of light. With such a lovely location in the countryside, miles away from the bright lights and busyness of city life, with just the beauty of the stars above you, it seemed such a shame for the serenity to be shattered with something as silly as a light!

At 11pm, the bar closed, which meant some spritely women came back to their rooms which sat beneath ours. The continual opening and slamming closing of their doors, paired with their raucous laughter and loud chatter meant sleep became a fantasy once again. Around 1am, all went quiet, and I blissfully slipped into the realm of dreams. Only to be woken by Henry a few hours later. Cuddles and Calpol saw him off to sleep, only for him to wake again a couple of hours later. And then again. Our little boy was so poorly, with a snuffly nose and a cough that kept him awake. So much for that dreamy ten hour stretch of sleep we'd so excitedly anticipated!

After a rough night, we made our way down to breakfast. With both Henry and I suffering from the flu, I thought a selection of fresh fruit was what we needed - plus a pastry or two for some much needed energy! We made our way to the breakfast buffet, where a spread of boxed cereals, yogurt, jugs of juice (no apple juice, though) a toaster and strangely, a bowl of prunes, awaited us. No fruit or pastries to be seen. Upon enquiring, we were informed the delivery hadn't arrived, much to my disappointment, so instead, Matt and I opted for a hearty full English breakfast.

We did have plans to explore the beautiful and historic town of York and take a trip to Scarborough beach, just a ten minute drive away, but with the weather being a little dreary and Henry not feeling well, we decided it was best if we headed home where we could give him plenty of TLC.

If you're looking for a peaceful and tranquil retreat, Ox Pasture Hall has it all. The hotel and grounds are beautiful, the food delicious and the rooms chic and cosy. We seemed to have had a dose of bad luck, what with the exit light, loud ladies and Henry being full of cold! Hopefully we can return again one day and have the relaxing stay we'd envisioned. 

*We received a complimentary one night stay at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

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