Henry at 16 Months

Another month has rolled around. This little boy is growing so fast I can't keep up. The biggest change we've noticed over the past month is Henry's newfound ability to role play. He loves to put his toys to bed - he covers them with a blanket, kisses them, and then waves goodnight! He likes to play feeding them with his spoon too. He also enjoys picking up the watering can and pretending to water the plants, even making a 'sss' sound to represent the sound it makes! He likes to imitate anything Matt and I do, whether it's rubbing Vicks onto his chest like mummy does, or pretending to pour some products into the water like daddy does when he runs the bath. It's so sweet to see him learning from us! 

Last week, Henry stayed for four nights at his Granny and Grandad's house, whilst Matt and I flew to Virginia to view some properties. It was the first time he and I have ever been apart for more than a few hours, so I was a little apprehensive. Besides an initial bottom lip tremble and a few tears when we said goodbye, he coped brilliantly. He adores my mum so I knew they'd have fun together. He had a wonderful time, going for walks, playing with his cousins, running around at soft play and enjoying lots of cuddles!

With each passing day, we discover more of Henry's personality. He is such a loving, sweet and good little boy. Of course, there is the occasional temper tantrum where he picks up and throws whatever is in close proximity, with a scrunched-up, cross little face, but overall, he is an absolute delight and I LOVE the toddler stage. He's my happy little companion and we have so much fun together, chatting, laughing and playing. As always, I'm so thankful that I am with him everyday and that he gets to be raised by his mama. He has an adventurous spirit, a loving nature, and a cheeky sense of humour. I fall in love with him all over again, every day. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

Diet: Henry loves his food. He'll eat anything, but his favourites are fruit and vegetables. He's also partial to some scrambled egg and he adores salmon, tuna and sardines(!)

Sleep: We're still hanging on to two naps a day.

Likes: Henry loves a bit of rough and tumble. He likes to wrestle with anyone who is a willing participant (I try to avoid it - I'm usually the one who ends up getting hurt!) and he loves to throw himself around his cot and fling himself backwards, much to our alarm! He also likes to gather up his cuddly toys and throw them around his cot, then chase after them. Drumming makes him happy. He still adores music and dancing (spinning in a circle has now been added to his repertoire), and he can actually bop along in time to a beat, much to our amazement. Chasing after dogs in the park delights him. He loves to explore and run around outside, and often brings me my shoes when he wants to go into the garden, then attempts to put his hat on. He likes to point at things and have me name them, so he can hear the words and remember them. And he's still as affectionate as ever and loves a cuddle. 

Milestones: Henry recently had his first accident. There have already been bumps and falls aplenty, but this time a face plant into the floor had him crying more than usual and then I noticed the blood trickling from his mouth. It was a horrifying and heartbreaking moment, where I momentarily panicked and thought he'd either bitten his tongue or knocked out a tooth. After a closer inspection, I saw his lip was grazed a little (who knew a small graze could cause so much blood?!), and after plenty of cuddles and kisses he was his usual happy self again. Henry's learning new words every day, his latest being 'scissors', 'keys' and 'garden,' which brings his total to around 20 words now. He's already outgrown his first pair of shoes, so I'm having fun doing a spot of shopping for him! He's become much more independent and likes to try things on his own, often brushing my hand aside if I try and help him.

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