What's In My Hand Luggage

Matt and I are heading to the USA next week to spend some time in Richmond, take a look around a few neighbourhoods and view some properties. Besides the fact I am going to miss Henry terribly (we've never been apart for more than a few hours) I'm actually very excited. It will be the first time I've been to the States, and those long lie-ins that become a distant fantasy once you're a parent will actually be happening. Add in some delicious food, flying first class and a spot of shopping and it's one exciting trip!

Pashmina - HeadphonesSamsung tablet - Filofax - Leather Clutch 

A pashmina always comes along with me - it's ideal to use as a blanket/pillow/shawl when travelling.  Comfy foldable headphones mean I can enjoy my tablet without taking up too much space in my bag, and my beloved Filofax holds all important dates and appointments and allows me to jot down any notes.

My lips and hands seem to suffer when I fly, so lip balm and hand cream are essentials. As I don't wear makeup on long flights, I like to take along a moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated. At the moment I'm loving Soap & Glory's Bright Here Bright Now, an energy balm which adds radiance. I also pop my glasses in my hand luggage so I can swap over from wearing contact lenses during the flight and (hopefully) get some shut-eye.

My beautiful pink leather clutch is the perfect size for safely holding our passports and travel documents, and it will save me rummaging through my bag searching for them like I usually do. As well as taking plenty of photographs, Matt and I will also be filming bits here and there, so I'm taking along a compact camera rather than my DSLR, so I can easily whip it out when the moment takes me! It's also meant to be pretty cold in Richmond at the moment, so I'm sure I'll throw in a bobble hat and gloves too. Then there's the little extras such as my purse, phone, gum, and a phone charger.

Is there anything I'm missing? Let me know in the comments!

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