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A little note to say I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. It was a magical time for our family - last year when we celebrated Henry's 1st Christmas, it was all a bit of a newborn blur, but now, at 14 months old, it was a joy to see Henry participate in the magic of Christmas. Taking us by the hand and leading us to our Lemax Carousel and Santa's Grotto, wanting us to switch them on so he could dance to the music. Responding with a chubby pointed finger and a sweet baby-voiced "there," when we asked him, 'Where is Father Christmas?' Delicately reaching out to touch the decorations, mesmerised by their sparkle. He delighted in the ripping open of presents, and indulged in a naughty mince pie or two. It was a merry Christmas, where we enjoyed  good food, laughed and danced and sang, and heartily enjoyed board games with family.

Around Christmas time, William and Noah's gravestone was finally installed. It had taken us two years to pluck up the courage to order it, but we did so when the time felt right for us and we couldn't be more pleased with how it looks. It was a bittersweet moment when we saw it for the first time. As we approached the baby section, I saw it in the distance, and my heart leapt - I was excited. And then the realisation of just how sad the situation was dawned on me. Instead of marvelling over the new milestones and developments of our twin sons, all we had was a headstone. But we are glad it is in place now, a permanent marker of their brief but profound lives.

Post-Christmas, we've been enjoying some family time together. Nottingham received a beautiful blanket of snow, so we eagerly wrapped up Henry and took him out to experience it for the first time. He looked oh-so adorable toddling around in his snowsuit, laughing at dogs frolicking around and children playing on their sleighs.

A new year always brings reflections about the year just passed. 2014 saw blogging take a back seat as I embraced motherhood, but I was humbled to find that despite my lack of posts, I still received so much love and support when I did find time to put pen to paper. It is always an honour to receive emails and comments thanking me for my words. It is very much appreciated, and I cannot believe I inspire and encourage people through my words, it is a great privilege. It's my hope for 2015 to blog more regularly as there are some exciting times ahead for our family - which will be revealed soon! 

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