The House Detox ft. Dyson Animal

Matt and I have recently embarked on a major house cleanse. Not only is it necessary for our upcoming plans (more on that at a later date!) it was very much overdue. Clothes, accessories, homeware - it's the biggest de-clutter we've ever had. Bags upon bags have been filled and taken away by Clothes for CharityThe side effect of creating space where before there laid clutter is all the unexpected dust and random objects you discover in its wake. And that's where the Dyson Animal comes in handy - a slimline cordless vacuum with a digital motor. You know you're a fully fledged adult when a new vacuum cleaner gets you excited. But upon it's arrival, that's what Matt and I were, and we found ourselves scrabbling to unwrap it like children on Christmas day.

The Dyson Animal has been incredible when it comes to easing the cleaning process. Being a cordless vacuum, it means there's little effort required. It is concise and light, so there's no heaving it around, trailing wires around. Vacuuming is a breeze - we spot something that needs cleaning (and this happens a lot when you live with a toddler) simply pick up the Dyson and whizz it away. Stray hair (long haired ladies will know what I mean) crumbs, fluff - it's all gone in a second. Dare I say it, it's even quite… fun. 

It certainly has revolutionised our cleaning. Our house is now a lot more tidy, a lot more of the time, and vacuuming the house is no longer a chore that fills us with dread. Tackling upstairs and downstairs is a super fast job (it takes a fraction of the time it used to) and we can zap the stairs in a matter of minutes - a job that was always put off for as long as possible previously. The car had it's first tidy in a long, long time, and we can now whip away any cobwebs higher up because the Dyson Animal is so light and easy to handle.

I've found it's ideal for 'little and often' tidying. A quick blitz around the kitchen at the end of the day clears up the toddler chaos quickly and efficiently. An upturned bowl of cereal on the floor? No hassle. Crumbs all over the carpet? No hassle. Fluff and dust from an assortment of cuddly toys? Easy peasy. It has a run time of 20 minutes, which initially I didn't think was too long, but surprisingly it's enough to do the house. I also love that there's little impact on me physically. Being somewhat unfit, having a vacuum cleaner that does not feel like a work-out pleases me greatly!

These are the particular features I love about the Dyson Animal… 

- It is compact and lightweight but still incredibly powerful - having the same suction power as a conventional corded vacuum cleaner. 

- It's easy to manoeuvre. The head easily twists and turn along with your hand, which makes cleaning around objects and furniture much easier.

- It requires no bags or filters, so there are no extra costs. Simply push the button and release the dust. 

- It has extra tools, which are brilliant for nooks and crannies, skirting boards, window sills and ceilings. I love the fact that it can be turned into a handheld vacuum with a short tool and then swapped to the long cylinder to use on floors.

- It has a convenient docking station, which stores and charges the machine, and holds all the additional attachments.

I had a read of the reviews for this vacuum and I wasn't surprised to see everyone raving about it. It's slim, it's lightweight, it's simple to use. If only de-cluttering the house was as quick and easy!

The Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has an RRP of £299.99 and is available to buy from John Lewis

*Item sent for review

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