Three Ingredient Dairy-Free Pancakes

dairy free pancakes
dairy free banana pancakes

Pancakes are one of my favourite breakfast foods, so much so that I indulge in them frequently throughout the year, not just on Shrove Tuesday. Henry's at the age now where he wants whatever we're having, but with him currently being dairy-free, I had to set my beloved Fluffy American Style Pancakes aside and look for an alternative that was quick, easy, and most importantly, free from milk. These pancakes take minutes from start to finish, use only three ingredients and taste amazing. All you need to hand is...

- 4 eggs
- 2 bananas
- 1/2 cup rolled oats 

I use Readybrek oats as we always have some in the house for Henry's porridge, plus it contains added calcium for extra goodness. If you're feeling fancy, you can also add in 1/2 teaspoon natural vanilla extract and/or a little baking powder for extra oomph.
- Place your pan over medium-low heat and allow to warm while you prep your pancakes.
- Add the oats, bananas and eggs to a blender and blitz for 30 seconds.
- I always start with a small test pancake, and then move onto the bigger sizes. Once the edges appear done, flip over and cook for an extra minute and remove from heat.
- Stack the pancakes on a plate and add the topping of your choice. For myself, I add lashings of maple syrup. For Henry, I add some chopped fresh fruit - blueberries, strawberries or peaches all work well. 

Easy, delicious, and healthy.

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