Henry's 10 Month Update

Henry is 11 months old today, how did that happen so quickly?! Before I go off on a tangent about how quickly his first birthday is approaching, I'll give an update on his 10th month, which has been my absolute favourite age of his so far. His personality is developing in leaps and bounds and due to all the new skills he's mastering which allow him to engage and interact more than ever, we have so much fun together. He is such a happy little chappy, constantly smiling and laughing, and I adore spending time with him.

It's during this past month that Henry seems to have suddenly morphed into a little boy. It's as though he went to sleep one evening and overnight transformed from a baby to a toddler. I look at him now, with his sandy blonde hair, big blue eyes and pouty lips, and can so clearly how he will look at 2, 3, 4 years old. He suddenly looks so much older and although it's bittersweet that his baby days are behind us, I love witnessing the person he is becoming.

Weight & Height: Plodding along nicely on the 50th centile, Henry weighed 20lbs 2oz at 10 months. We suspected he'd had a growth spurt as he looked bigger and had been sleeping more, and it was confirmed when we measured him - he'd grown 3cm within a month, so he's now shot up to the 91st centile for height.

Health: Henry finally had his first cold. I like to think he managed so long without one due to being breastfed for his first 5 months, but maybe we just got lucky. He coped with it very well and remained surprisingly chipper considering he had a constant stream of snot trickling out of his little nose.

DislikesSudden loud noises. Rhyme time at the library was all well and good until the line 'if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream,' was sung, and suddenly the room erupted with the shrieks of 10 adults and children. Henry promptly burst into tears!

Likes: Henry's fine motor skills have been honed and he now enjoys playing with his stacking cups and stacking ring - Matt and I still get very excited when he does this and find it very impressive! He's also learned how to place lids back onto things, so he loves spending time doing so with his toy pots, pans and kettle. 

Henry has always loved looking at photos, and as I've recently been working on his 1st year album, he loves to sit on my lap and have a flick through, giggling at his favourites. He's developed a fondness of a particular photo of me, taken when I was pregnant with him, which he likes to carry about with him once he's found it.

Henry delights in the company of other children, particularly ones older than him. His face lights up when he sees a child nearby, he often lets out a chuckle, and if he's on foot, he toddles after them and reaches out to touch them. Unfortunately, the eagerness to interact is not often reciprocated, and the older children usually make a swift exit, much to mine and Henry's dismay! Children his own age respond better thankfully, and he's made a few little friends during his activities. For that reason, he loves swimming and going to the library, (where he recently got his very first library card) as there are plenty of children to fascinate him.

Milestones: Henry took his first steps this month! He's been cruising around furniture and toddling whilst holding on to my fingers for a while now, but one day the desire to pick up an (unlit) tealight proved enough temptation for him to face the fear and take a few unsteady steps unaided.  He can stand on his own for a short while but he's not yet made any more attempts at walking on his own. He's cut his two front teeth so he now has a grand total of four. I love seeing his toothy grin!
- - -

With only one month left until his first birthday, I'm in full party planning mode, arranging decorations, planning party food and ordering presents. I love the things we've chosen for him - a few special items I hope he will cherish for years to come. I'll be sure to dedicate a blog post to Henry's big day once it's over, with all the details and special touches!

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