Henry's 9 Month Update

This past month, Henry has been an absolute joy. Whereas I noted in his 8 Month Update that it was a difficult month with him being extremely clingy and having a fair amount of tantrums, his ninth month couldn't have been more different. He has been so lovely and I feel as though we're now closer than ever and I cherish the bond we have developed. He is such an affectionate and loving little boy and there is nothing better than feeling his chubby little hands grasp my face as he comes in for a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss. 

Henry is a busy bundle of energy and doesn't sit still for a moment. He's interested in EVERYTHING and constantly wants to explore. He has no interest in crawling so he toddles about whilst I hold onto his hands and he walks about the house investigating things that have taken his fancy. He's always making me laugh, the other day he was rummaging through his toy box on tippytoes and delved so deep in an attempt to reach a toy at the bottom that his little feet finally lifted off the floor and he tipped right into the toy box - head first! He is such a delight and we love him more than we ever thought possible.

Weight: We didn't officially got Henry weighed at 9 months, but our mother and baby scales suggested he was around 19lbs 7oz.

Health: Still no cough or cold, much to my disbelief. Teething is the only thing giving him trouble - he dribbles an unbelievable amount and soaks through four or five bibs per day.

Sleep: Henry sleeps from 7pm - 6.30am and has now dropped from three to two naps per day. The transition was a little tricky, but after reading some online forums for advice,  I tried the 2-3-4 hour nap pattern and it's worked a treat. 

Diet: Henry is eating like a little boy now - no more purees or mashes, all kinds of lumps and bumps and he loves little pasta shells.

Clothes: Henry is starting to fill out his 9-12 month clothing so I suspect it won't be long until he's onto 12-18 month clothing. Official toddler territory!

Dislikes: Trying to cut Henry's nails is a constant battle and I usually only manage one or two before a tantrum ensues and he shakes his hands to stop me doing it. He cries if I try and wipe his hands clean after a meal, but loves dipping his hands in water, so now after he's finished eating I bring him a little bowl of water, he pops his hands in and I give them a wash. The little prince!

Likes: Our little bookworm still adores his collection of books, and will crawl over and pick out his favourites and flick through them on his own. Where's Spot? and Where's Baby's Bellybutton? are his current favourite lift-the-flap books, it's so sweet to see him opening each flap and discovering what's underneath. He's learned how to bang on a xylophone and you can see the delight on his face when he does it. Bubbles are a new favourite. Henry loves to open and close cupboards and drawers - or anything with a hinge. Taking DVDs out of the cupboard is a favourite pastime of his. He still adores laptops - if we've forgotten to hide it under a cushion, he spots it and makes  beeline for it, panting in excitement the closer the gets! 

He loves being held my mama or dada and either chasing or being chased by the other one. We have great fun at lunchtime when we dance to The Beach Boys and he giggles at my moves. He laughs and laughs when daddy puts him on top of his head and asks, 'where's Henry?' and he chuckles when we kiss his tummy. He is a darling little cuddle bug and loves to grin at me, toddle over and give me hugs and kisses.

Milestones: Henry now has two little toothy-pegs. After months of being able to see teeth peeking underneath his top gum line, a tooth erupted from the bottom and took us by surprise, shortly followed by its neighbour! By the amount he's continuing to dribble, I suspect more are on their way. He can now clap his hands, give high-fives and roll a ball back and forth to me (which I think I enjoy more than he does!) He cruises along furniture and wants to walk everywhere rather than crawl.

Henry is getting so big, and his personality is getting even bigger. He is loving, spirited, and determined. His energy brightens my days. He communicates so clearly - his feelings are always written all over that sweet face of his. I find myself thinking "I love him so much..." so often throughout our days together. I feel like I am raising my best friend. 

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