The Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair

When it came to choosing a highchair for Henry, I wanted something which was safe, easy to use and quick to clean. The bright and bold Cosatto 3Sixti Highchair fulfils all three requirements. As always with Cosatto products, the design is vibrant and fun. I picked the cheerful Hapi Apple print, but there are seven other colourful designs to choose from, bound to delight babies with their primary colours and repetitive pattern.

What makes the 3Sixti different from all the other highchairs on the market is that the seat unit can be rotated 360°. This feature is especially useful at the moment as Henry is going through a spell of separation anxiety and likes to keep an eye on me at all times! Being able to swivel the seat allows him to keep me in sight whilst I clear up after a messy mealtime. The gas-lift height adjustment is another unique (and fun!) feature, enabling baby to be lowered to table height to join the rest of the family, or boosted up to the height of a breakfast bar.

The all-singing, all-dancing highchair seat is also able to recline, which I found useful when Henry was learning to get to grips with his sippy cup and needed extra space to lean back to take a swig of his water! And if you're lucky enough to have one of those enviable sleep-anywhere babies, it's ideal for a post-meal nap if your little one gets snoozy. The tray section is completely removable, so once Henry is older we can pull the chair right up to the table for him to join in mealtimes with the family. 

Henry is a messy little eater. Spoons have their contents catapulted across the room, bowls are dropped, messy hands make their way on to any available surface.  As someone who wants to spend as little time as possible clearing up, I'm thankful that the 3Sixti is ultra quick and easy to clean. The removable green tray means I can quickly rinse off any spills after each meal and clip it back in place in a matter of seconds. A quick swipe with a wipe over the PVC fabric is all it takes to clear up any stray food, and it can be fully removed for a more thorough wash.

The 5-point safety harness gives piece of a mind that your energetic escape artist won't be able to make a break for it mid-meal. I love that the 3Sixti also features a pommel, keeping Henry seated in an upright position without slipping down.

Both Henry and I love the Cosatto 3Sixiti Highchair. Colourful, practical, easy to use - it has everything covered when it comes to making mealtimes more manageable with your little one. Another great product from Cosatto!

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Received for review as part of the Cosatto Brand Buddy Scheme

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