Loves Lately

1. I'm currently going through a phase of updating Henry's nursery. Pinterest has been a source of endless inspiration for me and Etsy always has plenty of cute and unique nursery decor. The latest additions to Henry's room are the Mint Chevron BlanketHello Sunshine Cushion and Cloud Cushion. I love the pop of colour the yellow and aqua give against the pale grey walls. 

2. I received this beautiful vintage style bicycle from Matt for my birthday last year. I'm ashamed to admit I've not yet ridden it. Procrastination being as present as always, we've not yet bought a bike rack for the car, so for now, I've filled the basket with a bouquet of silk peonies and roses, and each time I look at it I dream of the time when I will finally ride it down a dusty lane, with sunshine on my face and my hair blowing in the wind. 

3. I adore Olivia Buron watches. They're classic, feminine, chic and look good with any outfit. I've already blogged about my much loved Rose Gold and Mink Watch, and now the latest beauty to adorn my wrist is the new Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch in Rose Gold and Mock Croc, available exclusively from The Dressing Room. I love the textured leather strap paired with the simplistic face of the watch.

4. Matt and I have made an effort to reduce the amount of time we spend watching TV in the evenings, so I've been able to make a start on reading the pile of new books that have accumulated over the year. As well as discovering new books, I've indulged in re-reading some of my favourites, one being The Bell Jar.

Let me know your loves lately...

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