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Matt and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary a few weeks ago. We decided to mark the occasion by taking our first night out since Henry was born. Dinner and drinks were thoroughly enjoyed, but we were a little ambitious staying out until 2am - looking after a teething baby with a hangover and a just a few hours sleep is never a good idea!

It felt good to get dressed up again, though. My usual day-to-day mummy attire involves jogging bottoms, a t-shirt, a makeup-free face and a ponytail, so I loved donning my new ASOS heels and trying out the Benefit Push-Up Liner (amazing). I also got to apply my beloved Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, which has sat boxed and unused on my dressing table for far too long.

Henry can be a real handful at times, he's been especially difficult this past month, but he always takes my breath away and makes me forget the frustrations when I see him sleeping - he is so beautiful and I love him so much. Morning cuddles are a delight, he is such a blessing in our lives.

I've been looking through our Kalkan holiday photos with much longing, despite only returning two weeks ago. We miss it so much, so we're now planning our next holiday for September. We're thinking Greece or Italy this time. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

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