Baby Travel Essentials

After returning home from a lovely two week holiday in Kalkan, I thought it might be helpful to other mums to put together a few baby holiday essentials. Apart from the obvious items such as high factor sun cream, hats, favourite toys and swimming gear, these are the items we found made the whole travelling-with-a-baby experience a lot easier… 

1. SnoozeShade - Essentially a blackout blind for the pushchair and carseat. This was brilliant for days out when Henry needed a nap on the go. It shut out light really well and protected Henry from the sun with the UPF50+ breathable fabric. It even has a little zipper on the front so you can quietly check baby whilst they sleep! 

2. Avene Water Spray - During some of our day trips Henry got a little hot in his pushchair so this was the perfect way to quickly cool him (and us!) down. 

3. Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispensers - These handy little formula dispensers slot neatly inside the Tommee Tippee bottles, saving space and making feeding on the go a lot more convenient. 

4. Playmat - The hard floors of villa's and poolsides aren't baby friendly, so a playmat was a must-have for giving Henry somewhere soft and comfy to play with his toys. 

5. Zeta Vooom - We didn't fancy taking our expensive and heavy Bugaboo with us, so we bought a cheap pushchair to use for travel. The Zeta Vooom was a great buy. Available in an array of colours, (we choose the black and white polka dot), it's easy to fold, can recline for nap times, and comes with a rain cover. The large drop-down front canopy was ideal for taking Henry out in the sunshine, it gave him plenty of shade and kept him almost completely out of the sun (save for his little feet occasionally!) The large basket and pocket on the back of the hood allow for plenty of storage space. The perfect travel buggy! 

6. Steriliser Bags - Compact, easy, quick. 

7. Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind - Whilst the sunshine was glorious, I didn't want it to affect Henry's napping. The Gro Anywhere Blind was large enough to cover the doors out to the balcony in Henry's bedroom, giving him the dark environment he's used to sleeping in. 

8. Grobag - We took a 1.5 tog Grobag with us, but in hindsight, we needed a 0.5 to keep Henry cool enough. He developed heat rash on his back so we had to stop using his sleeping bag. Thankfully he was able to sleep without it, but I'll now be purchasing a lower tog for the warmer weather. 

9. Sippy Cup - We made sure to always take some water in Henry's sippy cup when we went out during the day to keep him hydrated in the hot weather. 

10. Snacks - A life saver when it comes to attempting to calm down an antsy baby! If Henry cries on the plane - hand him a snack and he's happy. If Henry wants to grab things he's not allowed - hand him a snack to distract him. His favourites are Plum Little Yums and Organix Sweetcorn Rings

11. Calpol Sachets - These sachets are ideal for travelling. Poor Henry currently has four little teeth coming through at once so I'm glad we had these to hand.

What are your baby holiday essentials?

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