What's In My Changing Bag

The contents of Henry's changing bag is ever evolving as he grows and develops. When he was a newborn, the necessities such as nappies, wipes, nappy bags and a change of outfit were all I needed, but now he's keen to explore the world, there are a few extra items I always take with us…

Henry's currently teething (we can spy his two front teeth peeping through his gums but they're yet to break through!) so his Nuby teething keys, a packet of Bickiepegs and a bib to soak up all the drool are three essentials.

Tommee Tippee Antibacterial Wipes allow us to quickly sanitise anything Henry has dropped on the floor, whilst the Bath & Body Works PocketBac Gels are perfect for quick hand sanitising after a nappy change.

If we're going out for lunch I take along some snacks for Henry, as he's got to the age where he's no longer content to just play whilst we eat, he wants to join us! He loves the Organix Carrot Sticks which I keep in a cute little tupperware box. They're the perfect size for him to hold and they soothe his sore gums too.

Now that we're starting to see some sunshine, I also like to keep a miniature baby suncream in the bag for any unexpected rays, as Henry has very fair skin like his mama. 

A muslin and Jojo Maman Bebe Clam-P Clips allow us to get Henry off to sleep when he's due a nap. We drape the muslin over the front of the pushchair and keep it in place with these handy little clips.

Finally, I pack a few of my own things. Along with my purse, I take along my keys, phone and a few makeup items, which I keep in the striped zip pocket.

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