Henry's 7 Month Update

Romper from Zara Mini ~ Flat Cap, Anchor Shorts & Trilby Hat from H&M

Weight: Henry weighed 17lbs 15oz at his 7 month visit, which means I finally got him back up to the 50th percentile, hooray!

Health: Healthy little bubba. I can't quite believe we've managed seven months without so much as a cough or cold!

Routine: Henry has naturally developed his own routine, so I now know when all his bottle/meal/nap times will be, which helps structure our day and allows me to plan when we'll take trips out.

Sleep: Henry still sleeps through the night, usually from 7pm - 6.30am, although he does sometimes wake up a little earlier or later. After checking on him one night I discovered he now likes to sleep on his tummy, which looks oh-so-cute. Henry still has three naps a day, usually 1.5 hours each. So thankful he is now a good napper after all the trouble we had in his first three months. 

Social: Henry likes to be amongst hustle and bustle, watching people go by. He loves other babies and children, so once we get back from our holiday I'll be taking him to some Baby Sensory classes which should be fun!

Diet: Henry loves to feed himself. He grabs the spoon from me and always tries to pick up what's in his bowl, (which doesn't work too well when it's mushy!) I try to give some finger food with each meal. Toast fingers, Plum Little Yums, Organix Carrot Sticks and Sweetcorn Rings are all firm favourites. He attempts to hold fruit slices but they prove quite slippery and he can't quite grasp them firmly enough to eat! Henry has a sippy cup of water with each meal which he can use himself. He makes me laugh when I turn around after clearing up and see he's taking a swig of his water like a little grown up!

Clothes: We'd been struggling to popper up Henry's 6-9 month vests so we finally succumbed and bought some 9-12 month clothing. It was a bittersweet moment. 

Likes: Standing up and having a good rummage through his toy box. Loves peekaboo, tickles and kisses. Fond of his musical toys. Adores books. And constantly wants to grab/eat everything that is not a toy (iPhone, laptop, post, mummy's glasses)

Dislikes: Still hates being strapped in to anything. Wiping his hands or face clean will result in tears. As will being dressed/undressed.

Milestones: Henry can sit perfectly unaided now, and has started to scoot about a little. He lunges into the crawl position, but hasn't yet figured out how to lift up his tummy. He loves to pull himself up into a standing position, and stands well with minimal support if he's holding onto something. We can spy two little toothy pegs through his gums, but they're taking an age to cut through. He's still a chatterbox and 'talks' in sentences, albeit incomprehensible baby babble! Mama, dada, baba and lala are his main vocabulary. I'm not sure Henry's hair really counts as a milestone, but after months of baldness, it's lovely to see his sweet fluffy tufts of sandy blonde hair growing. 

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