Henry's 6 Month Update

My baby boy is already 6 months old. Half a year! I can't believe it. These past 6 months have absolutely flown by. It is truly incredible to see the tiny and vulnerable newborn we brought home blossom into a spirited little boy. Watching him learn and develop each day is such a gift, I feel so blessed to have him in our life. He has brought so much light and hope into our world which had become so dark - he is the true definition of a rainbow baby and he makes us so proud.

Weight: Henry weighed 16 pounds at his 6 month check up, so he's still on the 25th percentile. I had been trying to fatten him up to get him back on the 50th where he started, but I'm not sure we'll get there!

Health: Healthy little gumdrop. So thankful that his reflux and CMPI are now under control. We're due to see a dietician in a few months for advice on introducing dairy into his diet.

Sleep: Sleep is going great!  Henry has three naps a day - early morning, lunchtime and afternoon. We're fortunate that Henry is still sleeping through the night, usually from 7pm - 7am, but he often wakes around 6.30am. He now sleeps in his cotbed in his nursery. We would have loved him in our bedroom for longer, but he'd outgrown the little crib we popped beside our bed and his arms poked through the sides! The transition went well and he loves all the space to stretch out. He seems to like sleeping on his side, it's the cutest thing ever to see him roll on to his side and pop his thumb into his mouth when I put him to bed.

Social: I think we're beginning to see the start of stranger anxiety, as Henry doesn't like anyone he doesn't know being in our home. If he sees or even just hears them, he bursts into tears and it's difficult to console him. But when we go out, he is absolutely fine with strangers, giving them smiles and charming everybody in sight! He really loves getting out and about and watching people. He seems to be deep in thought when there is a lot going on. Like he is taking in the world around him with great care and thought. Around people he recognises, Henry is a confident little baba, happily blowing raspberries, babbling and reaching out to touch faces. He loves to take my glasses off my face!

We started to introduce some puree's around 3 weeks ago, which Henry has been loving. I've been getting plenty of use from my Philips Baby Blender & Steamer and love making new things for Henry. So far he has tried carrot, pear, sweet potato, parsnip, avocado and banana.  He loves pear. He does not like avocado or banana! I've also introduced a little water in a free-flow sippy cup with his lunch, it is adorable to see him holding it all by himself! I've made all of his food so far, but we are going on holiday soon so I’ll be taking along some Plum Organic and Ella's Kitchen Pouches in case I'm not always able to create something fresh for him.

Clothes: Henry is wearing 6-9 month clothing, and alarmingly some of it already seems to be quite a snug fit. He's measuring in the 71st percentile for height and has long legs like his mama, so I expect we'll be buying 9-12 month clothes very soon. Where did my little baby go?!

Likes: Henry is a bundle of energy and is constantly on the move. He's a very inquisitive little boy so he loves to be held and shown things around the house, which he then wants to touch and taste. My (rather untidy!) dressing table is a source of fascination for him. Standing up and looking about and lunging for things is his favourite thing to do. He also likes sitting, and he enjoys holding and playing with his feet whilst lying down. He loves my hand actions to Incey Wincey Spider. He absolutely adores books, it's the only time he is still and quiet as he is so engrossed with the pictures and rhymes. After I've read the story to him, he loves to turn the pages back and forth, and open and close the book. Playing peekaboo guarantees cute baby giggles. And of course when mummy and daddy dance around and act silly. That’s pretty funny too.

Dislikes: Being strapped into anything. Attempting to get him into the carseat, bouncer, pushchair, highchair or bumbo will result in a lot of crying and going rigid. Henry likes his freedom. 

Milestones: Henry is now able to sit up unaided for short periods, although he's still a little unsteady so I'm always close by as he wants to touch everything and will lunge to grab things that have taken his fancy. He is desperate to crawl so I'm looking forward to when he's more mobile (although I'll probably regret saying that when he's busy destroying the house!) Henry loves to babble. He says dada and mama a lot (which always melts my heart!) and also baba, a-dah and other things which aren't quite as comprehensible!

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