Baby Bedtime Routine

Every parent lives in hope for the day their baby sleeps through the night. When Henry's silent reflux was at its worst, sleep was a battle. It would often take hours to rock him to sleep, he would wake continuously throughout the night, often just an hour after he'd fallen asleep, and all three of us were completely exhausted. We considered it a good night if Henry managed to sleep 3 hours straight before waking. Our lives completely transformed once Henry's reflux was under control with the right medication when he was 12 weeks old. Once he was no longer in pain, Henry suddenly started being able to fall asleep on his own (no rocking or breastfeeding required!) and completely amazed us by sleeping through the night, much to our joy!

We have a nice little routine in place now, so Henry knows that bedtime is approaching. We start the routine at around 6.15pm, shortly after Matt gets home from work, and Henry's in bed and asleep for 7pm, waking in the morning around 7am. Here's how it goes...

1) Bath or swing - Henry has sensitive and eczema prone skin, so we don't bath him every evening, but when we do, we're careful with the products we use. If it's a bath night, we use Oilatum Junior Bath Formula as an emollient in the water, followed by a mini massage with Melvita Baby Oil or Oilatum Junior Cream. If it's a non-bath day, we pop Henry in his Mama & Papas Slumber Swing for some gentle wind down time. 

2) We dim the lights in Henry's nursery, then change him into a Pampers Baby-Dry Nappy, put on his pyjamas, and zip him into his sleeping bag. 

3) Then it's time for cuddles and a bedtime story in our bedroom where Henry still sleeps. Our favourites are Snuggle Bunny, On The Night You Were Born and When The World Was Waiting For You

4) Time for Henry's last feed, with only the glow from the Angelcare Monitor night light.

5) Kisses goodnight, and Henry goes into his crib awake, with his Cloud B Sleep Sheep on a very low volume and the night light turned off.

What's your little one's bedtime routine?

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