Henry's Current Favourites

I'd like to keep a record of Henry's favourite, to see how they change and develop as he gets older, and hopefully it might help some other mums in the process!

Snuggle Bunny
This adorable board book follows Snuggle Bunny as he gets ready for bedtime. The centre of each page is cut out to allow for the hand puppet to pop through, which Henry loves to watch and reach for. It's the perfect book to read to Henry before his last feed at bedtime, and the easy flowing rhyme means we now know the story off by heart!

Nuby Ice Bite Teething Keys & Wacky Teething Ring
When Henry started teething at around 12 weeks, he would bite on his tiny thumb for some pain relief, so I needed to find some easy to hold teething toys. The Nuby Ice Bite Teething Keys are the perfect size for his little hands to grip, and they can be placed in the fridge to cool and soothe sore gums. The texturised rubber corners offer a great way of massaging Henry's gums, which squeak when Henry bites down on them! Henry loves the flexible silicone bristles on the Nuby Wacky Teething Ring, which are perfect for rubbing on his gums. When he's in pain and grisly, he loves to gnaw on this part of the ring and drool all over the place!

Little Bird Told Me Softly Snails Playmat
This is such a lovely playmat. Vibrant, but not garish, suitable for both boys and girls, and it is oh so soft and snuggly! The base of the mat is very well padded so Henry can comfortably lie and relax on it. Three detachable little toys hang from the arches of the playmat - a snail, bumble bee and caterpillar - which all have different textures and either rattle or make a crunchy sound. Henry loves reaching up and grabbing the toys, which can moved around to other hooks if you want to position them differently. 

The Softly Snail playmat also comes with a little cushion, which can either be used to give baby's head a little extra lift, or to aid with tummy time by supporting the chest. A musical flower plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when you pull the butterfly away from the flower, and the mat also features a little door which opens to reveal a mirror for baby to look into. Not only is this playmat colourful and stimulating, it can grow with Henry, as I can take the arches off and use the mat as an open play area when he's bigger.

Fisher Price Animals of the World Cradle Swing
A swing seemed to be the one thing every parent recommended to us as an essential item, either as a way to soothe or entertain the baby. The Fisher Price Animals of the World Cradle Swing has had plenty of use in our household from the moment Henry was born until now. 

It has six different speeds, from a gentle sway for a newborn, to a faster swing for an older baby, as well as a variety of songs and sounds. It also gives the option of swinging baby in a side-to-side motion, or head-to-toe motion, which I love as most other swings on the market only swing in one direction. The padded seat makes for a comfy ride, and an overhead mobile features three cute little animals which are the perfect height for little ones to look at. When Henry was still tiny, this swing was ideal for soothing him and he once fell asleep in it, much to our amazement! 

Now that Henry is a little older and prefers to sit upright rather than lie back, we use it as the perfect way to wind down before his bedtime. When we pop him in the swing, he immediately calms and quietens down, listening to the soothing sounds of nature. A lovely way to end the day.

What are your baby's current favourites? 

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