Astrid & Miyu Secret Box

If you love delicate, feminine jewellery and you're fan of surprises, you'll be pleased to know that Astrid & Miyu now offer a secret box service. The quarterly surprise box is tailored to your jewellery tastes and preferences, determined by a short survey which customers are asked to complete upon signing up.

Attractive packaging makes a concept like this one all the more enjoyable, and Astrid & Miyu have ensured each box is beautifully presented - unwrap the ribbon and inside you'll find a collection of pretty little pouches which house each piece of jewellery.

The Astrid & Miyu Secret Box costs £39 per quarter, and they promise the value of the box will be at least double that amount. Inside my box, as well as receiving a rose gold letter 'A' initial necklace (£32), wishbone necklace (£29) and gold letter 'A' initial bracelet (£29), the box included a Jelly Pong Pong eye crayon which was a lovely extra treat to discover.

There's plenty of pretty pieces to be delighted with from Astrid & Miyu, from statement rings and delicate bracelets, to rose gold hues and sparkling earrings. I love the concept of a surprise box filled with jewellery suited to your personal preferences, and it would also make a unique gift for a loved one.

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