Christmas Candles

There's nothing more inviting on a cold winter's eve than snuggling under a soft blanket, sipping a hot drink and lighting a scented candle. Although I already have quite a collection, there's something special about saving a few seasonal candles for the festive period. Yankee have an array of enticing Christmas candles to choose from, but as I'm partial to all things sweet, my favourites for this time of year are Sugared Apple, Salted Caramel and Christmas Cookie. The chunky jars are perfect for setting down in the fireplace for an ambient glow, and with a burn time of up to 90 hours, they will allow for plenty of nights curled up with a comforting scent filling the room.

I'm always keen to try new scents so let me know your Christmas favourites in the comments! 

*Gifted from Scented Candle Shop

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