Four Weeks Old

Henry is four weeks old today. It seems like an eternity and a second ago simultaneously that I was wondering if the light cramps I'd been feeling were actually the start of labour and we were making the final checks of our hospital bags.

It is amazing how much Henry has changed already. We look back at his photos from his first day with us and can't believe how much he has grown. He no longer fits in his newborn clothes and it won't be long until he's too big for his moses basket. Those sleepy early days are over and he's now bright-eyed and alert, keen to explore his surroundings.

Yesterday evening he smiled at me. We know the baby books say 6 weeks for a first smile, and we've seen him do it in his sleep, knowing it doesn't mean anything, but this time it was different. He'd awoken from his slumber and I went over to say hello. He looked right at me and his beautiful lips curled upwards gently. Matt and I looked at each other, wide eyed, and asked 'did he just smile?!' We turned back to him, and a few seconds later, he did it again. It made our day! True smile or not, it made my heart flutter (and brought a tear to my eye!) and I can't wait for the day that grins and giggles are a regular part of our day.

These are a few of my favourite things...

I love looking at him and seeing Matt's features. His deep set eyes, his top lip, his little wrinkled forehead. I love breastfeeding him and having his small hands resting on my chest as he gazes up at me. I love how he throws up his arms to stretch after a feed, and the funny faces he makes. I love his chubby cheeks and his big squashy lips. His 4D scans really did show an accurate picture of his face. I love how he follows our faces with his eyes and turns his head to look at us. I love when he's contentedly sleeping in my arms, making his sweet little sighing noises, and I can feel his breath on me. I stare at him in wonder and I'm amazed that I'm holding our child in my arms, our tiny precious person.

The past four weeks have brought so much magic and happiness into our home, and I can't wait to discover more about our little boy with each new day.

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