30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I'm now three quarters of the way through the pregnancy, I can't believe how close it's getting! Symptom wise, the exhaustion I experienced in the first trimester has returned full force, so I've re-welcomed a much needed daily nap into my routine. Braxton hicks have now become a regular occurrence, with a few painless contractions each day. Sleep has become more elusive, as this is when heartburn most often makes an appearance and it's a struggle to get comfortable. 

I've also found that now the baby is bigger and my stomach has been squished, I have almost no appetite, so mealtimes have become something of a chore rather than a pleasure. Although I always have room for a sweet treat, which is my current craving. Cornetto's, doughnuts, cupcakes, chocolate bars  - if it's sweet, I want to eat it! Which is the opposite to my first trimester when all I wanted was salty fries!

We've now painted the spare room to prepare for a nursery. After swatching six different pale greys, (who knew there were so many variations - some looked purple, others looked blue) we finally picked one - Clouded Pearl 3 by Dulux, which was recommended to me in my last pregnancy update. It's light and fresh, and will look lovely paired with pastel pops of colour.

The dress I'm wearing is the gorgeous Isabella Oliver Urban Ruched Dress, which I was recently sent to review. I love the vibrant cobalt blue colour. It's made from a luxurious jersey fabric which makes it ultra stretchy and comfortable to wear, as well as being accommodating for a growing bump. I'll be wearing this throughout Autumn too, paired with some tights and boots. Isabella Oliver have a beautiful choice of maternity tops and dresses, I have my eye on a few other pieces as I'm rapidly running out of clothing options and need some new things!

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