Love Boo Mummy Skincare

I must admit I've been quite slack when it comes to applying lotions and potions to my growing baby bump. Both in my twin pregnancy and my current pregnancy, I applied creams and oils sporadically, no more than a few times a week. Now I've reached the third trimester, when stretch marks are most likely to appear,  I thought it about time I establish some kind of routine in using pregnancy products to keep my skin in good condition. Since these four products from the Love Boo Mummy Skincare range have arrived, I've been enjoying applying them at least once a day - twice if I remember! 

The Love Boo range is a beautiful collection of skin care products, not only for pregnancy, but for after baby arrives too. Free from parabens and packed full of active ingredients, the luxurious range is natural and safe to use both whilst pregnant and nursing. I absolutely adore the packaging of this brand - pastel polka dots, butterflies and pretty fonts make it ultra feminine and a pleasure to use.

Bosom Buddy - £18.99 
A rapidly expanding bust is a common symptom of pregnancy, so I'm happy to have a product which is specifically designed to treat this area. The aptly named Bosom Buddy tones, tightens and helps stop stretch marks thanks to its natural ingredients. Centella and ginkgo biloba help to firm and improve elasticity whilst argan oil softens, smoothes and tightens the chest area, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. This is a rich and luxurious cream to apply, which is easily absorbed and leaves my skin noticeably smooth.

Silky Soft Body Wash - £9.99
A naturally fragranced citrus body wash with special ingredients to keep skin supple and hydrated whilst gently cleansing. This body wash is perfect for dry or itchy skin, which is ideal for me as I've noticed my bump has become more itchy the bigger it grows! The subtle lemon and ginger fragrance is also great for calming morning sickness if you're in the early stages of pregnancy.

Soft & Creamy Body Smoother - £14.99
A luxurious and creamy body butter containing centella, shea butter and hibiscus flower,  this is my favourite product of the four. It's a dream to use - it feels nourishing to apply, keeps my skin intensely moisturised, and leaves it feeling ultra soft and supple. I love the scent, which has more shea butter than citrus coming through, and I apply this to both my bump and thighs in a bid to increase skin elasticity and help fight stretch-marks and cellulite.

Super Stretchy Miracle Oil - £15.99
This 100% natural oil is delicately scented with passion flower, sweet almond and argan oil, which combine to create a subtle and revitalising fragrance. With a silky texture, I was happy to discover this oil is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin (unlike Bio-Oil!), so I've had no problems with it marking or rubbing off on clothing. Like most pregnancy oils, it works to combat the appearance of stretch marks and restore skin elasticity by moisturising and nourishing the skin, and I've noticed my skin feels supple and soft after applying this.

The Summer Skin Kit includes the four products above, available to buy from Love Boo for £45.99

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