Eucerin Even Brighter

As I head further into my 20s, I find myself paying more attention to my skin care regime, ensuring my skin is well cared for and any problems are dealt with the appropriate product. Eye creams and serums are some of the newest additions to my routine, used in an attempt to keep my skin youthful and wrinkles at bay, but it wasn't until recently that dark spots on the skin entered on my radar, when I noticed a few sun spots and became aware of hyper-pigmentationPesky dark spots can be somewhat irritating, often needing a good dose of a super strength concealer to cover them, which is why I'm excited to try Eucerin Even Brighter. 

The product range is specifically designed to treat hyper-pigmentation and enhance natural radiance by evening out skin tone. After just 4 weeks (the length of the skin's regeneration cycle) the hyper-pigmented cells on the skin's surface should appear diminished and visibly lighter, leaving skin looking fresh and energised. It sounds so promising, so I'll be trialling the products and reporting back in soon with a review of Eucerin Even Brighter product range, hopefully with successful results!

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream - £23.50
Eucerin Even Brighter Night Cream - £23.50
Eucerin Even Brighter Spot Corrector - £14.50

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