Tria Hair Removal Laser

Over the past few months, I've been trialling the Tria Hair Removal Laser - the first and only cordless laser hair removal system available for home use. The clinically-proven Tria Laser uses the same laser technology that professionals use in-clinic for permanent results, at a fraction of the cost. When I first heard about the Tria Hair Removal Laser, I was intrigued. It promised that hair growth would appear finer and lighter after 2-3 months of treatment, and after 6+ months, hair follicles which had been deactivated by the Tria would result in permanent hair reduction, and with continued use - no hair re-growth whatsoever.

Aesthetically, the Tria looks like a swanky, luxury beauty gadget. The handle and base feature rubber to ensure there are no slips during use, and if you're not a fan of green, there's a pink option available! A laser can be an initmidating tool to use, but using the Tria was ever so easy. Once the safety guard has been unlocked (by placing the sensor over the skin you plan to treat - it will only unlock if your skin tone is suitable), there are five power settings to choose from. It's recommmend beginners start on the lowest level and progress gradually to a level they feel comfortable with.

The area to be treated needs to be shaved before beginning, so luckily using the laser doesn't require you to grow out your hair, like waxing. After the prep, it's just a matter of gliding the laser over the skin. The device beeps as you use it, so you know when the laser has fired and you can move on to the next section of skin. When using the laser, I occasionally felt a warm prickly sensation, which didn't bother me in the slightest, but for others, it may feel like a rubber band snapping. The laser tip is relatively small, so treating areas like your legs may take quite a bit of time and require a quick battery charge if used on the highest power setting. As I was just focusing on my underarms, the treatment was complete in under 10 minutes, so it wasn't something I struggled to find time for in my usual routine.

During my trial, the Tria has become one of my favourite beauty gadgets to use. My underarms are not completely hair free yet but they are very close. The little bit of hair which is remaining is much finer and and grows very slowly, as suggested by the instruction guide.  I'm confident that that after another four moths of use, my underarms will be hair free - just in time for summer! Overall I've been very happy with the results so far and I believe the Tria is well worth the money if you're considering going down the laser hair removal route.

The Tria Hair Removal Laser is priced at £375 and is available to buy from Tria Beauty 

Have you considered laser hair removal?

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