DIY Marc Jacobs Daisy iPhone Case

Not only is Marc Jacobs Daisy one of my favourite fragrances, the packaging is so whimsical and feminine, it's hard not to fall in love with it. So what could be more delightful than a Marc Jacobs Daisy style iPhone cover?! I first spotted this beautiful iPhone case on the lovely blog Daisybutter around a year ago and promised myself I would have a go, so I put my creativity to use and attempted a little DIY. I bought a plain white case from eBay for around 99p, and sourced the daisies and decorative pieces in assorted sizes from Etsy.

You will need:
A plain iPhone case
Marc Jacobs Daisy style flowers from Etsy
Flat back pearl and rhinestone cabochons
Strong Glue

I began by gluing the daisies in place and dotting some of the larger pearls around, so it was then just a matter of filling in the gaps with the smaller pieces. I found this quite fiddly to begin with, then realised there was an easier way! Rather than applying a dot of glue to each cabochon, it's more simple and a lot quicker to cover a small area of the iPhone case with glue, then press each piece with your fingertip to pick it up and place it on the glue. I chose to completely cover the case with pearls and rhinestone and left the sides bare, but you can add as much as or as little detail as you want. What do you think? I love how it turned out and can't stop giving my phone case an admiring glance every so often!

Have you tried making your own iPhone cover?

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