The Book Of Us - A Journal of Your Love Story

With Valentine's Day approcahing, I thought it would be the perfect time to share one of my recent purchases with you, 'The Book of Us - A Journal of your Love Story in 150 Questions.' I bought this beautiful journal late last year after stumbling across it whilst browsing Amazon. It contains 150 simple yet thoughtful questions that help record the moments of your romance - from first date to your wedding day and through the years beyond. It was lovely to open the book with Matt and reminisce about our memories together, and it's the perfect sentimental keepsake to look back on. It will be wonderful to start writing in it together and share it with our children in years to come.

Whether you fill in the answers yourself and surprise your partner with it, enjoy it together or just indulge in a heartfelt stroll down memory lane, 'The Book of Us' is a truly lovely and unique way to record and cherish your relationship. It would make the ideal gift for an Anniversary, Valentine's Day, as a Wedding gift... or simply as a poignant token of affection. A beautiful way of saying, 'I love you.'

'The Book Of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story' is priced at £8.54 and is available to buy from Amazon

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