New Year Hopes & Wishes

♥ Remember
I've always been an optimistic and positive person, and live by the saying, 'count your blessings, not your sorrows.' Even in our darkest moments during my pregnancy last year when we didn't know how or when the complications would end, I took time to remind myself that although what was happening to us was terrible and terrifying, there were people who were much worse off and I still had so much to be thankful for. This year, I'll be keeping a jar of memories and blessings, which will serve as a physical reminder of all the little things that have brought us joy over the year.

♥ Create
I've loved my shabby to chic makeovers, so this year I want to bring my creative side out further by making a variety of things. I have plans to create some cute felt animals, fill shadow boxes with memorabilia, and learn to crochet.

♥ Bake
I'm always tempted by the delicious creations in my baking books, but never actually make any of them. I have a kitchen filled with lovely utensils, pink ceramic bowls and a Cath Kidston apron waiting to be used, so this year there really is no excuse not to try my hand at baking!

♥ Read
I'm guilty of buying lots of new books and then only reading a handful of them, the rest lying unloved on a shelf. Matt and I have decided to dedicate one night a week to going to bed early to enjoy reading - no technology allowed!

♥ Discover
I was on bed rest for around 9 weeks during my pregnancy. There's nothing like only seeing the walls of your house and the hospital to get you day dreaming about all the wonderful things you want to see and do. I want to explore and discover new places and new experiences with Matt. One of our favourite memories is when we decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Oxford one weekend. We spent our days strolling in sunshine and walking through enchanted forests...perfect.

♥ Drive
After a bad experience with a BSM driving instructor, I cancelled my lessons and never started them up again due to life getting in the way. I'm starting lessons again this year so I can finally tick this one off my list. Then who knows, maybe I'll treat myself to the ever so charming Nissan Figaro.

What are your hopes and wishes for 2013?

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