Little Loves Lately

January always feels like a never-ending month. Here are a few things which have made the first month of the new year that bit more bearable...

♥ I was delighted when I unwrapped The Lumineers album at Christmas, and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since. I'm tempted to buy tickets for their concert from StubHub and enjoy their music live.

♥ Scented candles are lovely all year long, but since Matt and I have started dedicating one night a week to reading in bed, I've had a chance to put away our winter candles and enjoy softer scents, such as Fairy Dust and Gardenia Rose.

♥ My perfume collection is getting progressively larger, yet I often forget to wear any. This month I've been rediscovering old favourites.

♥ I've always loved a spot of DIY, and this year even more so. I have all sorts of projects lined up which I can't wait to blog about!

♥ There are so many wonderful blogs which I enjoy reading daily. I follow hundreds so I thought it was time I organised and shared my favourites, so I created a blogroll page.

What have you been loving lately?

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