Favourite Winter Candles

In winter there's nothing I love more than snuggling up with Matt under a cosy blanket, switching on one of our favourite box sets and lighting a fragrant candle. These are my top picks which see us through the winter months...

Yankee Candle Sugared Apple - £9.95 
A deliciously sweet scent of apples sprinkled with sugar and vanilla, this is my all time favourite candle and reminds me of apple crumble - yum!

Holiday Traditions Apple Pie & Pumpkin Pie - £5.99
These huge jars were a bargain found in one of my favourite stores, Homesense. The Apple Pie candle gives a more savoury apple scent than Sugared Apple whilst Pumpkin Pie is a beautiful blend of warm pumpkin, ginger and nutmeg. All the comforts of baking without the fuss!

L'Occitane Candied Fruits - £13
Ideal for using over the Christmas period, Candied Fruits is a combination of flowers and dried fruits coated in honey, with a patchouli and vanilla base. A more subtle and spicy fragrance than my other picks.

Bath & Body Works Frosted Cupcake - $20
I've always been desperate to get my hands on the ever popular Bath & Body Works candles, so when Matt went to the US for a work conference last year, I sent him with a list! Frosted Cupcake fills the house with notes of vanilla bean, cake batter and rich buttercream frosting - a sweet fragrance as mouth-watering as real cupcakes!

Which are your favourite candles for winter?

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