Christmas 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Year. This Christmas seems to have crept up on Matt and I. As we've been going through such a difficult time, Christmas present shopping took a back seat and we had to tackle it all on one day just one week before Christmas day. Matt and I both have large families, so with other halves and children included, plus eight birthdays taking place in December and early January, we had over 50 presents to wrap. Five hours and two bottles of Champagne later on the eve of the 23rd, and we had finally finished!

We spent Christmas Day with my family at my parents' house this year. As always, my mum had decorated the house beautifully and had transformed it into a magical wonderland. Isn't the tree beautiful? I was lucky enough to receive all sorts of lovely gifts, which I've been enjoying since we returned home. We stayed in for New Years Eve, snuggles and home comforts always seem to win us over in favour of a night out battling the wind and rain!

I love to see how other people have spent their Christmas and the gifts they've received, so if you've written a post, pop your link in the comments and I'll take a peek!

(And our tree at home!)

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